Stretch Classes

Stretch Classes

3 Seasons

Our Stretch classes focus on giving your body the love it craves. From targeted areas of work that parallel your work on a certain skill, to general flexibility classes, your body can't wait to get in some dedicated TLC. These classes will go at a slower pace and allow your body to relax and ease into creating mobility in the joints and spine. These movements will complement the training in the strength and hand balance classes and will also help you minimize injuries. Plus, stretching makes our bodies feel good!

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Stretch Classes
  • Stretch 360 with Coach Katie

    Episode 1

    In this follow-along 46-min Stretch 360 class, Coach Katie will lead us through exercises and stretches designed to stretch the whole body. You'll focus specifically on front split flexibility, middle split flexibility, and general shoulder flexibility. Some of your exercises will include
    > Activ...

  • Stretch 360º with Coach Grace

    Episode 2

    In this 30 minute Stretch 360 class, Coach Grace will take your through a series of stretches that will focus on inner/outer thighs and shoulders. Your stretches will include:

    > Butterfly
    > 90/90 hip stretch
    > Cactus up shoulder stretch
    > Pigeon stretch
    > Prone frog
    > Hero's pose
    > Shoulder caps...