Strength Classes

Strength Classes

3 Seasons

We believe that our abilities are a product of strength! We offer 3 types of Strength Classes: UPPER, LOWER and 360º. These strength classes combine bodyweight and traditional strength training methods. Students will use a variety of equipment and exercises to build total-body strength that will lead to the development of new skills including; front lever, back lever, planche, muscle-up, handstand pushup, one arm chin-up, human flag, manna, deadlift, squat, pistol squat, cossack squat, nordic curl and lunges.

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Strength Classes
  • Strength 360º with Coach Katie

    Episode 1

    This 38-min follow-along full-body strength class will get all your muscles working! This class will help you develop lower body stability and the shoulder strength needed for planche training. Your exercises will include:

    > Split squats
    > Planche pike presses
    > Standing leg lifts (front and si...

  • Strength 360º with Coach Seth

    Episode 2

    This 37 minute Strength 360 class will give you a great full body workout. Coach Seth will start you out with a couple strength super-sets and then finish with a fast paced conditioning circuit that will definitely get your heart rate up! Your exercises will include:

    > Shrimp squats
    > Blast off ...

  • Strength 360º with Coach Katie

    Episode 3

    In this 25-minute follow-along Strength 360 class, Coach Katie will target the arms, core, and legs! Your exercises will include:
    > Swimmer push-ups
    > Single leg squat to lunge
    > Hip raises
    > Triceps extensions
    > Step up jumps
    > Floor core work (side planks, arches, windshield wipers)

    You'll nee...

  • Strength 360º with Coach Goncalo

    Episode 4

    This 36 min workout will work full body push/pull strength. Your exercises will include:
    > Glute/ham bridges
    > Dips/ Military press
    > Step ups
    > Bicep curls

    Equipment Needed:
    > Backpack with weight (or dumbells)
    > PVC Pipe or broom handle
    > 2 tables or chairs (or boxes)

  • Strength 360º with Coach Grace

    Episode 5

    In this 33-min Strength 360 Class, Coach Grace will lead us through a follow-along full-body workout using stall bars and some floor space. This workout will focus primarily on compression (hip flexors, quads, and core) and shoulder strength that is needed to achieve a press handstand. Your exerc...

  • Strength 360º with Coach Seth

    Episode 6

    This full-body strength workout will target the entire body, building upper body push/pull strength, lower body push/pull strength, and core. Your exercises will include:
    > Single leg balance drills
    > Squats
    > Pike push-ups
    > Lawnmower rows
    > Single leg deadlifts
    > V-ups
    > Arch holds
    > Side plank...